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What we do

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The Greenways Foundation is a charitable trust working to promote the growth, enhancement and use of Indiana greenways. To accomplish that, we solicit donations and make grants in support of greenway development, enhancement and operation. The Board of Directors meets monthly and has a total of 12 directors located statewide in Indiana, supported by an Advisory Board.

Our primary activities include:

The Greenways Foundation formed in 1991 with a vision of an interconnected network of trails serving Central Indiana. For many years, the Foundation operated primarily within Indianapolis and Marion County. We played a major and ongoing role with the city of Indianapolis to establish the Monon Trail.

As the Monon became an overwhelming success with the citizens of Central Indiana, trails were seen as vital and necessary community amenities and interest spread throughout the state. This burgeoning interest led the Foundation to expand its geographic focus in 2006 to encompass all of Indiana. During our two decades of supporting and advocating for greenways, we have built a broad expertise through our board members and staff in many areas affecting trails and greenways. These areas of expertise include:

We have made it our practice to work closely with both citizen and governmental entities to establish linear parks in a way that maximizes the resources of donors, whether foundations, individuals or taxpayers. The Greenways Foundation has become the leading voice for these wonderful public amenities.

We promote all types of trails, whether they are for bikers, walkers, horseback riders, ATVs or paddling canoes and kayaks down the waterways! And, we are proud of the many partners and friends we have made along the way! Thanks for everyone’s continued support of trails with the Greenways Foundation.

The Greenways Foundation, Inc. is an Indiana nonprofit corporation, classified as a 501(c)(3) public charitable trust under IRS regulations. This means that contributions can be charitable tax deductions to qualified individuals who itemize deductions on their federal income tax return.

Contact information

Mailing address: P.O. Box 80091, Indianapolis, Indiana 46280-0091

Or you may send email to the Greenways Foundation at any time.